CaveWich - CV1000 PCB Enclosure


Dress up your Cave CV1000 PCB with the CaveWich - sandwiched between two 1/4" thick pieces of transparent blue acrylic, and supported by sturdy black metal mounting hardware. The legendary Cave logo is laser-etched into the underside of the transparent top plate for a slick presentation. Countersink washers on top and reinforced rubber feet on bottom add nice finishing touches.

I find it helps to protect the board, assists with quick swapping in/out of a cab's belly, and sits well next to a supergun.

The CaveWich CV1000 kit ships un-assembled, and includes all parts needed to assemble it.

(Download Assembly Instructions)



Acrylic Plates:
1X - Blank Bottom Plate - 1/4" thick light blue transparent acrylic
1X - Laser Etched Top Plate - 1/4" thick light blue transparent acrylic

All Hardware Needed To Assemble:
4X - PCB Mounting Spacers
4X - Top Plate Mounting Spacers
4X - PCB Mounting Screws
4X - Top Plate Mounting Screws
4X - Countersink Finishing Washers
4X - Reinforced Rubber Feet
16X - Plastic Washers
1X - Assembly Instructions Sheet



Don't be crazy, game hardware PCB is not included; shown in images for reference only.

Assembly required - a hex-key (allen wrench) is needed to tighten the screws, this tool is NOT included.



Fits all Cave CV1000 PCBs. 100% laser cut to exacting measurements, and tested on many games and revisions.

More information on the Cave CV1000 via Arcade Otaku HERE.

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