Vewlix CPX Extra Button Control Panel


Swap out your blank accessory panel for something useful! Add up to 6 extra buttons and two USB ports to your Vewlix cabinet.

Sleek matte black topside and subtle Vewlix badge and button surrounds etching let it blend in with your cabinet. Glossy countersunk washers add a nice detail.

Wire it up to your console/PC for Home, Back/Select, Screenshot/Share, Esc, whatever you want! Extremely useful when you connect a PS4, Xbox 360/One, Switch, or PC to your Vewlix and just need a few more buttons.

Fully customizable - you provide the buttons. Fits standard 30mm arcade buttons and button hole covers. Murder it out with all matte black parts or throw cabinet-matching candy buttons in there, it’s up to you!

Dual ports - plug in a console controller or separate arcade stick, or use it to charge your phone, etc.

CPX-1 (One player, 3 button holes)
CPX-1U (One player, 3 button, dual USB 3.0 ports - USB Accessory Included!)
CPX-2 (Two player, 6 button holes)
CPX-2U (Two player, 6 button, dual USB 3.0 ports - USB Accessory Included!)